CCHO principal authors are Fernando Martí and Peter Cohen, with assistance from Maya Chupkov and Alexandra Goldman. Special thanks to UC Berkeley doctoral candidate Jessica Schirmer for research supporting this project.

This piece concludes the Council of Community Housing Organizations’ series of essays on California’s complex housing affordability crisis, and…

The short answer is no.

Luxury homebuilding has been at an all time high in hot-market cities like New York City and San Francisco. And it’s left people behind in extreme ways.

The New York Times reports the 2010s was “a decade of tremendous change and gentrification for the boroughs…

By the CCHO Team (Maya Chupkov, Fernando Martí, and Peter Cohen)

Cities across California and the country are grappling with a wide breadth of affordability challenges. We’ve identified some of the biggest issues, and followed each one with a recommended next step to get towards solutions.

1. Building for the upper income, but failing on affordability.

Many cities are struggling…

By The Council of Community Housing Organizations

Last month, San Francisco Mayor London Breed hired the City’s first Director of Housing Delivery to expedite project approval and permitting, which should lead to more housing getting constructed, and more quickly.

But, how does the development process actually work?

The simple version…

The answer is in place-based strategies

There are two pushes in housing policy right now that keep butting up against each other. One is the push to make equity a more central part of policy, no longer just a window dressing or an afterthought. …

Council of Community Housing Organizations

This is the second essay in a two-part series on the role of the suburbs in California’s housing crisis. Read Part One here.

An important and often overlooked factor in the state’s affordability crisis is the dramatic drop in single-family housing production in California over…

Council of Community Housing Organizations

On Sunday Aug 20th, 2017, the San Francisco Chronicle posted a two-page editorial “On Housing” which included a very telling graph that, unfortunately, was glossed over in the editors’ simple narrative of deregulation and “build, build, build.”

Brisbane Baylands — a model opportunity for a Jobs-Housing-Fit

Council of Community Housing Organizations

The City of Brisbane has a huge opportunity with development of the Baylands site, situated immediately contiguous to San Francisco’s own master-planned development at the old Schlage Lock site. …

Council of Community Housing Organizations

Leading San Francisco’s affordable housing movement since 1978, fighting for funding & policies to make SF affordable.

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